StanRTA deploys Avail Enterprise Transit Management Software, to adopt VoIP

StanRTA deploys Avail Enterprise Transit Management Software, to adopt VoIP Image credit: Avail Technologies

StanRTA, which serves Stanislaus County, including the city of Modesto, in California has deployed Avail Technologies solution for CAD/AVL, routing, rider information, and enterprise level transit management.

In addition to utilizing the myStop app (rebranded for StanRTA as “Track the S”) for riders to access vehicle and route information, StanRTA has integrated the app with fare collection by Token Transit so riders use a single app.

In the event of a detour, StanRTA can change the route display in real-time – allowing for riders to see the exact path of their re-routed bus, as well as the stops they will miss due to detour. 

On the backend, the ETMS provides StanRTA with a single database for data across the agency. Business intelligence dashboards report real-time metrics to improve efficiency, justify funding requests, and demonstrate compliance. Dispatchers know the locations of every bus and driver, incidents are tracked as they occur, and vehicle health monitoring predicts failures so maintenance can ensure buses hit the road as scheduled.

The other major benefit is National Transit Database (NTD) reporting. StanRTA has installed automated passenger counters (APC) on every vehicle and validates the passenger count data against the revenue collection.

The next major technology implementation on StanRTA’s agenda is the introduction of Avail’s voice-over IP (VoIP) to replace the agency’s radio system. The agency will switch out its leased data radios in favor of a 100 percent cellular service, on a state plan which costs the agency nothing. This rollout can take up to two months to complete.

Source: Avail Technologies