Parsons launches mobility management system in Buffalo-Niagara region

Parsons launches mobility management system in Buffalo-Niagara region Image credit: Parsons

Parsons Corporation and the Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC) have launched AllRoads, NITTEC’s multi-agency, technology-enabled, integrated regional mobility management system in the Buffalo-Niagara region in Western New York State and Southern Ontario.

Since 2022, Parsons has worked closely with NITTEC to design, develop, and implement the first bi-national deployment of AllRoads. The solution is built on Parsons’ artificial intelligence (AI) based Smart Mobility Solution, iNET®, which seamlessly integrates with the client's existing advanced traffic management system, transit operations, and traffic signal network. The integrated mobility management system optimizes data transparency and collaboration across agencies in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

The Smart Mobility System will balance multimodal demand across the Niagara Frontier border crossings, improve freight operations by providing targeted information to drivers, use improved weather information in traffic management, and improve regional mobility by expanding integrated corridor management activities. 

The Smart Mobility Solution leverages a data hub for real-time interagency information sharing and includes an AI and micro-simulation-based integrated decision support system to generate predictive traffic management strategies to improve regional mobility and streamline coordinated responses across stakeholders.

Source: Parsons