INRIX launches AI-powered solution for mobility intelligence, integrates AWS

INRIX launches AI-powered solution for mobility intelligence, integrates AWS Image credit: INRIX

INRIX, Inc., a provider of transportation data and analytics, has released INRIX Compass, an AI-powered technology to revolutionize transportation intelligence. Compass harnesses INRIX's nearly 50 petabyte data lake and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to effectively address transportation challenges, uncover underlying causes and propose proactive solutions. The technology enhances INRIX IQ, a cloud-based suite of applications, by enabling easy access to actionable insights from location-based data.

INRIX Compass is powered by Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offers a choice of leading foundation models and a broad set of capabilities to build generative AI applications. Through INRIX's collaboration with AWS, Compass integrates Amazon Bedrock with INRIX's proprietary cloud-based data lake and industry knowledge to train and deploy models tailored for unique mobility needs.

INRIX Compass transcends traditional data analytics, enabling users to easily query INRIX's wealth of transportation information to understand issues, their causes and potential impacts. This transformative technology will significantly impact three key areas:

  • Rapid Identification of Complex Transportation Issues: Compass leverages vast, diverse datasets to quickly pinpoint transportation issues, providing essential insights into emerging trends and problem areas, enabling a more informed approach to traffic management.
  • In-depth Mobility Analysis: Compass delves into data from various sources, including vehicles, mobile devices, multi-modal systems, parking services and more, using advanced AI to unearth core transportation challenges and enable a smarter approach.
  • Proactive Transportation Strategy: Merging historical and real-time data seamlessly, Compass provides in-depth insights integrated across INRIX's robust INRIX IQ suite to help cities and businesses adopt smarter, safer and more sustainable mobility strategies

In 2019, INRIX launched INRIX AI Traffic – an AI-based system that dramatically improved the accuracy and coverage of existing traffic systems. Compass will initially be available in INRIX IQ Mission Control, offering extensive visibility into on-road conditions through real-time and historical vehicle data.

Source: INRIX