DART approves Point B Strategic Plan, aims to be first-in-mind mobility partner

DART approves Point B Strategic Plan, aims to be first-in-mind mobility partner Image credit: DART

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Board of Directors has approved updated Strategic Plan Goals, a new Vision Statement, and a new Mission Statement to move DART from its current state, “Point A,” to a future where DART becomes a premier regional economic and mobility asset, or “Point B.”

The newly approved plan outlines a bold vision and will serve as a guiding framework for DART over the next decade. The plan goals articulate a clear pathway that leverages DART as a valued partner in the economic and social landscape of North Texas. The new vision statement positions DART as "Your first-in-mind mobility partner," reflecting the agency's mission and commitment to delivering “best-in-class mobility experiences that help people and communities connect and flourish.”

The plan is organized around six goals, each supported by specific objectives and initiatives:

  • Empowered Agency: Streamline processes and empower employees to create a nimble organization that can respond swiftly and effectively to challenges.
  • Culture of Contribution: Foster a culture of trust and collaboration, aligning roles and responsibilities with DART's vision to enhance performance and accountability.
  • Quality Service: Deliver a quality customer experience defined by strong rider advocacy, professional pride, and continuous improvement.
  • Seamless Mobility: Integrate mobility options to create a seamless travel experience characterized by frequency and reliability, making DART the first choice for regional travel.
  • Fantastic Spaces: Develop engaging and valuable spaces that enhance the rider experience and contribute to community sustainability and vibrancy.
  • Strategic Relationships: Position DART as a collaborative leader and recognized regional economic and mobility asset through strong partnerships and advocacy.

Through the Point B Strategic plan, DART aims to transform its transit facilities into community assets, foster strategic partnerships with local governments and businesses, and create fantastic spaces around transit hubs that support economic development and quality of life.

The Strategic Plan will include an action matrix with timelines and metrics to track progress. Annual reports will be published to communicate accomplishments and necessary refinements, ensuring that DART stays on course to achieve its strategic goals.

Source: DART