Connectpoint to supply solar digital bus stops on Pierce Transit Stream Community Line

Connectpoint to supply solar digital bus stops on Pierce Transit Stream Community Line Image credit: Pierce Transit

Connectpoint has been awarded an inaugural contract by Washington’s Pierce Transit for the installation of 28 solar-powered 13” digital bus stop signs along its new Stream Community Line, a high-capacity transit service offered in partnership with MultiCare.

Pierce Transit has service area of 292 square miles in Pierce County, Washington state’s second-largest county. In 2023, the system had ridership of 6.7 million. The Stream Community Line offers a frequent, rapid, and convenient weekday morning and afternoon service between Spanaway and Tacoma Dome Station, where riders can make connections with other local buses, Sounder commuter rail, Express Bus, the T-Line into and through Tacoma, and other transit options. Stream service is provided in addition to the existing Route 1. 

Bus stops served by Stream have a branded sign, rider guide, enhanced shelters, lighting, Braille sign and Connectpoint Digital Bus Stops,® which display next bus information and a push-to-text feature to hear next bus information.

The Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop® offers solar-powered, real-time departure and schedule information as well as service alerts. The ePaper displays provide crystal-clear readability during day and night; are easy to install; and can be retrofitted to existing bus stops or shelters. System health, power, and content across digital signage is managed by a single cloud-based content management system, Connectpoint’s CPAM (Connectpoint Asset Management), the industry’s only device agnostic, content management system, which can be accessed from any mobile device for on-the-go changes and performance visibility and can be converted into an emergency message system.

Connectpoint’s ePaper digital signage is available in five sizes—13”, 23”, 28,” 32”, and 42”. Connectpoint also offers LED and LCD digital signage solutions. CHK America is the sister company of Connectpoint.

Source: Pierce Transit