BART publishes the sixth annual Measure RR Annual Report

BART publishes the sixth annual Measure RR Annual Report Image credit: BART

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has published the sixth annual Measure RR Annual Report to show the progress of Measure RR Program to rebuild BART’s core infrastructure.

The Measure RR rebuilding program is a bond measure totaling $3.5 billion and was approved by San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Alameda voters in 2016. 

The 42-page report discusses public impacts of large projects and the potential of future track shutdowns. It also shows that $1.57 billion has been invested in the rebuilding of BART. Almost half of the work has been completed, and the Bond Oversight Committee believes BART is completing these projects in a timely manner, “and that the work is improving the reliability and safety of the system.”

BART’s accomplishments include completion of traction power cable replacement work in downtown San Francisco, restoration of the Transbay Tube retrofit, a reduction in rail-related service delays, modernization projects for stations in downtown San Francisco and Oakland, and $700 million “in climate-certified Green Bonds to ensure uninterrupted funding of RR projects.”

Source: BART